swift can display airline logo icons in its menus. Although optional, it's a nice eye-catcher.

If you wish to add missing icons please follow these rules:

Image Format

  • use a 4:1 ratio, such as 300:75px
  • maximum size 300:75px (see hint about hires below)
  • use png format

File Naming Conventions

  • 5-digit airline ID + airline ICAO code (for Virtual Airlines also use their 3-letter ICAO code)
  • you can research both the ID and the code in our swift Datastore
    • example: you want to submit a new logo for “Lufthansa”
    • in swift Datastore search in the field Name for “Lufthansa”
    • result: ID = 3221 and ICAO Code “DLH”. Don't forget to add a leading zero to the airline ID to make it a 5-digit number!
    • correct airline logo file name to submit: 03221_DLH.png
  • we may use higher resolutions in the future, therefore you can also add a hires version like 1024:205 pixel. Such icons have to labelled additionally with hi03221_DLH.hi.png
  • dark optimized icons (for a black background) will be using .do in their name ⇒
  • Valid file names:
  • 03221_DLH.png lowres version (approx 300:75)
  • lowres version, dark optimized (approx 300:75)
  • 03221_DLH.hi.png hires version
  • hires version, dark optimized
if an airline or virtual airline is not listed in swift Datastore, request to add the airline. More information here.
  • DO NOT use copyright protected icons! Check Wikipedia, they will show you the copyright for each icon
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