swift version numbers consist of three numeric segments. A fourth segment denotes the update patch number.

Some examples:

  • 0.9.5 is a version
  • is update 65 for version 0.9.5
  • update 128 on top of will make it
  • 0.9.5 to 0.9.6 is a version upgrade, not just an update

swift is currently released as two different channels: Alpha and Beta

  • Alpha releases are those that have recently passed the first phase of internal testing.
  • Early adopters can use an Alpha release, helping us by reporting any bugs that we may have missed.
  • As bugs are found and fixed, updates may be released, also as Alpha.
  • Beta releases have passed this phase of Alpha testing and all known bugs are fixed.
  • Therefore, use the Alpha if you want the latest features. Wait for the Beta if you want minimum bugs.
  • Additional Beta updates may be released if any bugs are discovered later.
  • After a Beta release, the developers begin work on the next version, which will become the next Alpha when it is ready.

For example:


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