The interpolation log. display allows to trace interpolation, checking elevations, inbound parts and situations. It is most likely the easiest was to trace interpolations. See also `interpolationexamples`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} .

Interpolation log. files are here: `findlogfiles`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} -\> Interpolation log. files

- Use `.drv intdisplay` to launch the window

- You can start logging by entering a callsign. This is the same as

  starting logging from interpolation setup or via dot command, only

- You can also request the scenery ground elevation from the


- On the \“inbound page\” you are seeing the incoming situations and

  parts from the network

- Especially the altitude information and the used elevation is a

  useful information there

- The calculate aircraft change states can be checked from the next


- On the \“interpolation page\” you can check the latest interpolation

  or inject a scenery ground elevation for testing


Other side sending no gnd. flag, no gear \…..

now the other side updating gear and gnd. and sending some lights

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