The ideal choice for using P3D with swift is the 64bit version. However, for P3D before V4.2 you need to use the 32bit version. You can try the 64bit version, but likely the driver will not connect.

You can also use the 32bit version with the newer P3D versions, but then always the legacy FSX driver will be used. (as you can see in the screenshot).


- The swift x64 {64bit} version uses the latest P3D SimConnect API and


- The swift x86 (32bit) version uses the FSX SimConnect API and


Hint: use the correct P3D version or use the one comes closest.


Why would I want to use the P3D x64 version?

- First of all, because you can use a x64 version not having the

  memory restrictions of a x86 version. But that does not really
  matter for normal users. So if you use P3D and FSX and you only want
  to use the x86/32bit version you are fine (time will tell if this
  remains true).

- Also, because in the mid and long term the new `SimConnect` uses

  newer P3D API functions not available in legacy `SimConnect`. So far
  the difference between old and new API is minor, but steadily
  increasing. As of 4.2 we already use newer functions, and we also
  will use even better ones available in 4.3 and later.
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