pilot client

- \“My hotkey PTT does not work\”, see `hotkeys`{.interpreted-text


- No sound/void on macOS: `macosnosound`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

doing mappings

- What is that \“stash\” in why do I need it? It is your workbench

  doing mappings, you can mess around there before you publish models

- Doing mappings is complex! Yes, it takes a little getting used to.

  But for each model/livery we only have to do it once, then everyone
  else can use it. It is also more a power user feature, people just
  flying swift will not need to do that. But we need more mappings for
  testing now!

- How can I see my mappings? See [here \<seemymapping\>]{.title-ref}

other swift questions

- Do I need to add models before I can fly? Yes, you need to create a

  model set before you can fly swift. This gives you full control
  about which models you use.

- Could I use models not in the database yet in my model set? You

  could, but it is not recommended. Our goal is to have reliable data,
  not fantasy ICAO codes or such.

- How can I find the log. and data directories: From the \“File menu\”


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