See also `createms`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} , `tuningset`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

Sorting (ranking) a model set

Depending on the settings (`matchingsettings`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} ), it can be configured if two models have the same matching score, which one is taken.

Just a few hints at the very beginning

- Sorting order of the model set only applies if two models are calculated \“as equal\” by the algorithm. It depends on the

  settings how the calculation is done.

- In general you should ask yourself why you have the same models

  multiple times in your set, e.g. why did you add 2 [
  B747]{.title-ref} of [DLH]{.title-ref}, so what do you try to
  achieve by that? See \[\[ help/smt/modelsetduplicates/ \]\].

Remove duplicates

If you have no duplicates there is no real need for ranking, see `modelsetduplicates`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} . Ranking is needed if more than one model have the same score, but if you have only one aircraft/livery combination it is not very likely that this happens.

Manually ranking

- You can manually apply a rank by the context menu


- The rank is displayed in the first column


- If you sort by another column it does mean the ranking has changed


- However, if you like a certain sort order to become your current

  ranking, just use \"freeze order\". After you will see that the rank
  column will change order accordingly

Make filtered data my model set

- If you filter a model set, this is a temporary action and the model

  set will not be changed

- If you want to keep the filtered data as your new model set, just

  use \"materialize\" from the context menu


Rank by distribution order

In order to create a sorted order by distributor you can apply a distributor ranking

- First you need to create preferences by distributor in the settings

  of the mapping tool


- Then you can apply these preferences


- Now you have a sort column for distributors and you can use to

  \"sort by distributors\"


- Once you are happy with your sorting, you can use \“freeze order\”


In order to use the rank you need to enable the setting!


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