swift pilot client aircraft views {#swift-pilot-client-aircraft-views-1}

There are two aircraft views. \* One named \“aircraft in range\”. This is a network (e.g. VATSIM, ..) focused view. It shows aircraft in the airspace, their distance and pilot \* The \“models\” view: This view focus on the aircraft models in the simulator, the rendering (if displayed in simulator), the model matching

swift pilot client \“aircraft in range\”

Shows network aircraft, airports in range.

swift pilot client model view

The rendering view contains a lot of information. Therefor the screenshot is split into a left and a right part.


- `e/r` shows if the aircraft is enabled (you can disable an aircraft)

  and if the aircraft is rendered (shown) in the simulator. If an
  aircraft is not rendered this either means a problem with model in
  the simulator, or the adding-to-simulator operation is still

- `p` means aircraft parts are supported to transfer light, flap,

  spoiler data.

- `fp` means fast position updates are enabled


- `aircraft` shows how the model is matched, an `=` sign means an

  exact match, otherwise it is shown what is used instead e.g.

- `livery` shows how the livery is matched


Manually change model

You can manually assign a model for a given aircraft. See `manualchangemodel`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}


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