Euroscope and vSTARS have internal FSD/proxy servers that swift can connect to and receive aircraft position data. This data can be injected into your flight simulator and then be used as Tower View simulation.

We have produced a video tutorial for this topic: Setup and use swift for Tower View

Be careful to avoid opening an accidental second connection to VATSIM, as it is not allowed! Make sure that you really connect to the local proxy server of your ATC client!

Euroscope radar screen with vSMR plugin and traffic situation as seen in X-Plane 11

  • start swiftGUI
  • select Connect
  • in Network select Other Servers tab
  • click on goto settings
    • create a server for localhost by filling in a suitable name (e.g. “Tower View”) and a description (e.g. “Local Tower View”)
    • addresslocalhost or LAN IP-address of the computer that is running your ATC client
    • port ⇒ 6809
    • set Eco. to VATSIM and type to FSD [VATSIM]
    • fill in random characters/numbers in the fields for real name, ID and password (none of them are used for a proxy connection, but the fields must not be empty)
    • save your settings!

  1. run Euroscope or vSTARS, centered at the airport of your choice
    • Euroscope: it is not necessary to start its Proxy Server
    • vSTARS: start its internal Proxy Server with the dot-command .startproxy
  2. connect Euroscope / vSTARS to VATSIM
  3. start X-Plane 11 or P3D at the airport that your ATC client is centered on
    • X-Plane 11: use any aircraft (e.g. C172) on a remote stand. Once started, select Tower (shift+5) or Free Camera (key “c”)
    • P3D: select Tower Controller from the main startup page/Location/Starting Location (bottom of list)
  4. in swiftGUI, select the Connect widget. In Network options, there select the Other Servers tab and then the Tower Server that you just created
  5. the information in the Own aircraft section is irrelevant, you can fill in anything or leave it as it was before

  6. click on Connect
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