*swift* notification sounds can be found under your installation path under sounds: `swift-0.8.7-64bit\share\sounds`. Starting with *swift* 0.9.1 you can have your own sounds directory and any file found there is used instead of the *swift* file


- the file names are self-explantory - if you place the corresponding file in your directory you will hear

  the \"new sound\" (restart required)

- You can test the sounds in the audio settings (if you select a

  notification sound the sound will be played)

- to use a new file you need to restart *swift*

Share your sound files

If you have cool sound notification files you can share them with other users.

- the files have to be in `.wav` format - and have to be copyright free so we can publish them here - we need your CLA, see - Upload your file - all uploads without real name will be ignored (legal reasons) - you can find shared files under `thirdparty`{.interpreted-text

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