For more information about our version numbering and Alpha vs Beta, proceed here.

Make sure you select the correct version channel (Alpha or Beta) in swiftGUI and swiftLauncher. At program startup, swift will automatically query the server for newer versions.

  • swiftGUI and swiftLauncher will automatically alert you to updates

\_\_\_\_\_\_swiftGUI Update Notification\_\_\_​​​​​​swiftLauncher Update Notification

  • our swift download page always lists the latest public releases

You may also use this Tutorial Video to update swift.
Note: the video is slightly dated in regards to where you can download new versions and updates of the client. This is the correct download page.

There are some differences between applying updates to your current version of swift or upgrading the client to a new version.

  • To update a CURRENT version of swift (e.g. to, proceed to this page
  • To upgrade to a NEW version of swift (e.g. 0.9.4.x to 0.9.5.x), proceed to this page
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