Many people claim you always have to switch between your flight simulator and the Swift GUI window. I am now going to show you a way to connect nearly any device as a second display to your PC to place the GUI on it. Therefore, Windows 7 or higher is requiered to be the OS on the Computer whose screen should be extended and all devices have to share the\*\* same network\*\* .

!Before we start be informed that spacedesk is still under developement and in a Beta state. However, I have never made negative experiences so far!

1. [Download spacedesk]( As it is explained

  on the website, the SPACEDESK DRIVER SOFTWARE for Windows PRIMARY PC
  (server) has to be installed (as its name says) on the machine whose
  screen you want to enlarge. The SPACEDESK VIEWER SOFTWARE for
  SECONDARY Machine (client) is for any client, on which the screen
  should be displayed (also available for iOS and Android).

2. Open spacedesk on your primary machine. Klick the three dots and

  make sure that the switch is set to \"on\", otherwise the primary
  machine will not be displayed.


*The following is not for iOS and Android app*

3. Open the spacedesk viewer on your client. If everything is set up

  correctly, it should be displaying something like this:


If you see the message \“Cannot Detect Primary Machine!\”, you have configured spacedesk wrong. Check, if spacedesk is really enabled on the primary machine and if both clients share the same network. It might also be, that a newer version has been released. In this case, download the new versions and try again.

4. If you open Windows screen settings dialogue on the primary machine

  (this can also be done in spacedesk under Display Settings) you can
  edit position, orientation, resulution and zoom factor of the

5. Now the second screen is treated as a physically connected screen

  and can be used as such. Just pull the GUI or any program over to
  the other screen.

6. OPTIONAL: I configured spacedesk a little further for my

  personal preferences. All following steps are reffered to the
  secondary machine spacedesk dialogue. First, I enabled Mouse and
  Keyboard under the tab Functionality. This enables you to control
  the primary machine with mouse and keyboard of the secondary
  machine. Because I use a laptop with touchscreen functionality as
  secondary device, I also activated Touchscreen (absolute). Under
  Settings, I set hooks next to \"Full screen upon Connect\" as well
  as \"Keep Monitor Active\" (should be self explanatory). Last but
  not least, under Settings - Automatic Connect i entered the name of
  my primary machine (replaced by in the pictures) so I have nothing
  more to do than to start the spacedesk application.

I hope this program can help many people with the GUI struggle.

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