To follow aircraft in X-Plane you can use \“follow aircraft\”

- aircraft can be selected from the *XSwiftBus* menu or from the

  • Aircraft* widget in swiftGUI (select an aircraft from the list ==\>

right-click ==\> Display and render models ==\> Follow in simulator) - to changeyour point of view (view direction), keep your

  • spacebar* pressed and move your mouse

- to increase/decrease the distance to the plane, use {key

  arrowdown} / {key arrowup}

- you can also change the standard distance for flight following.

  In *swiftGUI* select the *Settings* widget ==\> Simulator ==\> click
  on the \[\...\] icon next to *X-Plane*. This will open a new window
  where you can change the standard distance. The unit is in metres,
  1m = 3.28ft. Please note that changes will only take affect after
  you restart X-Plane.


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