see also `xplanedriversettings`{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

When changing the connection details between *swift* and *XSwiftBus*, the modification needs to be applied in sync on both sides. Otherwise connection issues can occur.

On the *swift* side

Open *swift* settings/Simulator and click 3 dots (…) opposite X-Plane swift side:

On the XPlane plugin side

Modify `xswiftbus.conf` configuration file inside the `XSwiftBus` plugin folder. It should look like this:

``` {.} # DBus Mode - Options: p2p, session dbusMode = p2p

# DBus server address - relevant for P2P mode only dbusAddress =

# DBus server port - relevant for P2P mode only dbusPort = 45001 ```

Make sure to apply the same settings as on *swift* side. Any modification of this file will require a restart of XSwiftBus (either by a restart of X-Plane or disabling/enabling *XSwiftBus* from the Plugin Manager).

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